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Read Before Paying!

Due to the peculiarities of the Russian banking system, we cannot accept payments from abroad in foreign currency. We have to resort to such inconveniences as this converter. For your payment to go through without any problems, please follow these simple instructions:
1. Select the currency you need in the converter (e.g. USD-RUB)
2. Enter the required amount to pay (for example, one hour costs 10EUR, and you want to pay for 20 lessons and get a 5% discount; accordingly, enter the amount of 200EUR in the field);
3. Copy the received amount in RUB;
4. Click on the “Pay” button;
5. In the window that opens, enter your card details (all your card details are securely encrypted; you can familiarize yourself with all legal documents on the payment website) and the amount received in the converter;
6. After payment, take a screenshot of the transaction confirmation window and (to avoid any problems with money transfer) send it to your manager.

Thank you for trusting us!

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, or use the “Contact us” button at the top of the site.


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