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Linguistic Centre Relod

Russian for university entrants is designed to meet the needs of perspective students whose native language is not Russian and they are eager to enter Russian universities. Our intensive program of the Russian language includes 500 academic hours and can equip you for further entrance exams and studies.

Foundation years at Linguistic centre Relod are year-long introductory programs designed to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence for undergraduate degree. Foundation years play an essential part in helping international students adjust to academic and cultural life in Russia.

A variety of subjects can be studied on a foundation year, from social studies and business management to biological science and sports therapy. Do you want to get a bachelor degree in medicine, business or arts? Our professional teachers will teach you the subjects you need for your future degree as well as the Russian language. We will help you not only learn Russian but also choose a perfect university and program for you. We cooperate with universities all over Russia to provide you with the best student experience!

During the course of Russian for university entrants you have an opportunity to come to Russia and stay here for 3 months. We invite you to the city of Kirov, which is located in the “heart” of Russia (1,000 km to the east of Moscow). Here we cherish and preserve Russian national traditions and culture. Only in these smaller towns you can feel the true spirit of Russia.

We offer our foreign students accommodation in host families and in dormitories of Kirov. Also, we help our clients to rent a flat according to their preferences.

For more information, please, contact a manager.

PROGRAMME DURATION: 500 hours (Russian Language)
Tuition fee: 1500 Euro
Groups: 7 – 9 people

• Preparation for entrance exams
• 500 hours of Russian
• Major lessons (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, social science etc)
• All information about Russian universities, majors and the process of enrollment
• Help with admission to the university
• Cooperation with our partners (Peoples` Friendship University of Russia, Kirov State Medical University, Kirov agricultural Academy, Vyatka State University and so on)


1500 Euro


We believe in the power of language education to create connections, expand opportunities and enrich lives.

Student chat

Each student gets access to a closed student chat, after completing the courses you can continue communicating in Russian to train their skills


Resources and information on travelling to Russia (Kirov region)


We can recommend a travel and medical insurance plan to suit your needs


Linguistic Centre Relod
Our teachers have degrees in Linguistics and many years of experience. Our teachers are constantly improving their skills, and many of them are certified for conducting state examinations for labour certificates, etc.

Farida Paseeva

Veronika Kupareva

Natalia Shakleina

Ekaterina Fedyaeva

Olga Akishina

Natalya Parhomova

Irina Rodiolova


Do you want to learn Russian, visit Russia, get to know its history, traditions and people, do not delay your desires!


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